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just go and search fox news, thank you for being with us tonight. we'll you again next time. make sure you get to greta factor is next. go our panelists will answer all your question. >> i'm outside tonight. it is newscorp where fox is, 6th avenue, this is times square at the end of the block and this concerner is not even attached to the building. it's kind of hanging out there. when we started we were on the 12th floor. and then we wanted a space that we could change a little bit so they put us in this studio here and for a while, we had windows open. for a myriad of reasons we closed them and they haven't been opened i think since we've been in the studio. by the end of the hour we'll
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open them again as we take the set apart and this is the last episode of the glenn beck program and we have done amazing things together. you, wherever you are, and all of us here, and it has been an amazing journey, before we go forward we want to spend a couple minutes going back. and showing you where we've been in the last 2 1/2 years. the new glenn beck program against january 19th. >> it starts monday, 5:00 southeastern. eastern. >> three, two, one. >> this is only the third time i've done live tv so buckle up. >> this is a very -- here i am. >> out of control government that would regulate everything in life and tell them -- our
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bricks just fell down. >> la, la, la, la, la, la ♪ ♪ ♪ [ music ] >> comrades! , comrades, there is good news from the western front. >> this is the dumbest damn show on air. somebody's having a birthday tomorrow. i have so much manufactured anger in me. >> anita, call me. live at th alamo. >> faith, hope and charity. it's time to introduce you to the plan.
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crime incorporate, that is what our government is turning into. this is a four-step program i've asked you to do. please, start here, take the 40 days. >> pledge to yourself that you will restore honor in your own life. from wilmington, ohio, hello america. >> enlightenment, education and empowerment. i stand tonight with israel.
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america is not a circus, america is an idea. it's an idea that man can rule himself. the truth is, they don't surround us. we surround them. this is our country. we must mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. once we live by those words again we'll be able to win that battle for our country's soul. >> i will always remember the things you taught me. >> you taught me to look around, open my eyes and question things i felt were wrong. >> you have enlightened me. >> thank you for teaching me i'm not the only conservative in the
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world and it's all right to stand up for what i believe. >> thank you for everything you do. thank you for speaking the truth every day. >> please, please, don't stop. >> if i had my choice, i would like to be remembered for a few things. hold to the truth. >> question with boldness, hold to the truth, speak without fear. thank you, glenn. [ applause ] it was on this spot, this spot here, that we started the 9/12 project. promises made, promises kept. this is backstage at the show. you see all of the props. we like to call this magnet
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allie. it for a while that's all they did with their time. magnets here and on the doors. these are cartons of chalk. yes we buy chalk by the case. here's the george sorels theater. i remember saying early in the morning, we have to have one of those things where you take the lungs out and the heart and i never used it that day so we have it in case i need to do that show. we have the chainsaw, you name it, we have it. i don't know what's going to happen to all of it. i don't know, maybe we can sell it for charity. anybody want cases of chalk? let me take you here back to the set. you see where -- here's the timeline i showed you yesterday. this is what we had on the timeline. this is actually -- they're
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taking it all apart now. because this is our last show. it has been an amazing ride and i have worked with some amazing people. and i have made amazing friends. namely you. i want to show you a few things i was thinking the other day about who we were just 2 1/2 years ago, me and you as individuals, the things that we believed then and what it is that we believe now. i think if you would just think of the way the country was two years ago you would realize as much as i do we have changed a lot. there are things we didn't even know two years ago, two and a half years ago, things we didn't thing were important. and things we didn't believe that we do now. things we've learned. this is just me. i don't know about you, but ask yourself this, two and a half years ago when this program came on the air, did you know what
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progressives were? what was that. deadrick bonnhoffer. ben franklin, andrew jackson? that means cry, i think. alexander hamilton, the black founders. when we brought faith, hope and charity and did founding fridays and we did the stories of the founders and we did the african-american founders, did you even know any of this? i didn't. i didn't. i've learned along with you and here's the best part about this, i really feel -- and i always have -- i like live television. i don't like to be taped because i feel i can almost feel you at times. i can feel a connection when it's live. i know when you're saying yes! and history's played such a huge
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role. you and i have done a lot together. and we've learned a lot together. and you've taught me a lot. i want to show you two pieces of something that just came in to me today from a viewer. this is a report of the committee on fascism. an original copy of when congress was trying to figure out, okay this mussolini thing, hitler, what are they doing? what is it? i have viewers and listeners sending me things from all over the country because they know we can use it to teach people things. also they know that we'll preserve it, telling history. we have taught things and learned things together that we never knew. things that have been erased.
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the guilds, they didn't think were important. this was from 1939. here in america, hitler's mine comp. this is something that was written to warn of the impending cataclysm of the world so somebody put this together. part of this is the different parts of what's going on in german but this i love because there was a rumor that hitler was a christian so that's going to be great. this author took the document of the official guide for education of the hitler youth and said there's 50 points they're supposed to teach children in the hitler youth and he's not a christian. here's some of them. have you ever, ever heard this before? one, hitler youth being taught, christianity is a religion for
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slaves and fools. christianity and communism of identical. it doesn't differentiate between white people and negroes. the new testament is a jewish lie. christianity spoiled the german people because it taught adultery and theft which they had never another. it's a substitute cover for judaism and invented by jews in rome. jesus was a jew. how did christ die? whining on the cross. how did panetta die? saying hiel hitler. that was taught and this was a warning in 1939 to the american people. thank you for sending it. think how many people you've just taught. we've learned a lot together. an awful lot. we learned about the fabian
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window and fabian socialism. duno about that? we learned about margaret sanger. founder of planned parenthood, wanted to kill african-americans through abortions, celebrated today. the road to serfdom, social justice, a praise so dangerous because it can be used for good but when you know the history behind social justice, you better investigate. especially because its used in churches. they've hijacked the word further to include environmental justice, reproductive and the nra, the recovery program and how they used bullyingy and intimidation, we showed the history of unions and roots and communism, the coming insurrection. there would be problems in greece. nobody paid attention. now look.
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black flag anarchist. one story -- how long have i been trying to tell the story of the statute of liberty? >> about 29 months. >> 29 months. on the first real terrorist attack on america, it will boggle your mind. i'll get to it, just not tonight. i'm out of time here. but you'll have to hear it. we learned about acorn. you're informed on the calafate. it allowed us to look at everything in a different way, it allowed to look and have some perspective, to believe that yeah, things like -- things are possible. things are indeed true that there are some people who want to harm the united states. it explains why we pile debt. we showed you that this debt clock, only way out is real
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trouble now. and maybe it's hyperinflation. we showed you that can happen. we asked you to prepare. we showed you the great depression of 1920. how many people know that? and how it was turned around and it can be done again. if we learn from history. we showed you the hindenburg omen, the overton window. we showed you how there's something tragedy and hope. tragedy is war. and the hope they said in the 1960's was that we've tied the world's economy together to have mute will i assured destruction without a nuclear weapon, it would be done through debt and collapsing economies. we showed you all these things and how it tied together. how it feeds on one another. but i didn't do it as just an
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exercise. i hated philosophy. i love philosophy as long as it's not well, we only call a wheel a wheel because we call it a wheel. shut up. what difference does that make? we try to teach you things to help, not you -- i'm not doing it for because i'm some great -- i'm a dad too. i want my country to be around. what we've been trying to tell you lately, in the last year, is that you are the answer. and that we must have faith, hope and charity in our hearts. to paraphrase mlk, darkness can not conger hate. hate cannot conger hate, only love congress kerrs hate. talking about faith, hope, charity, god, prayer. especially wrapped with dead
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guys in wigs isn't exactly popular or mainstream television and none of it makes for ratings success. but i contend that's the reason we are successful here. because its true. it seems as though there's no truth anymore. we made an awful lot of enemies on this program. we've joked before, is there anybody else we can take on? i mean we've taken on every single person we've been told not to take on from the anarchist to the president to the republicans to george sorels because the truth has no agenda. it will lead us where it leads us. but this program has not only survived, we've thrived. we've done amazing things together and i thank you for watching. and we've done it with
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chalkboards. look at the things we've done that are so ridiculous, the chalkboard. who would have thought this chalkboard would be -- cnn is doing holographic hookers and we're doing chalkboards. i feel like i always have chalk on my clothes. we're the show that had the red phone. i don't know of anybody who has ever looked anybody in the eye and said really, you're calling me a liar? here's the phone number. call me and sent them the phone number. they never called. of course we're the only show where i've cried more than shows about babies. i mean the baby's crying. eve we've eaten more food than on the food network and proved more than anything else, conservatives can read and they
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like to read. we made books like the seven events that made america, the federalist papers, the real thomas jeffers son, wives of the signerings, george washington's sacred fire. the road to serfdom. it sold more when we talked about it in this program than it usually sells in a year. it was printed in 1946. speaking of words, staggeringly long monologues. i'll never forget when i first went on the other network, i first got into this business five years ago. they told me you can't talk more than 45 seconds. you've got to change the screen. you can't do that. we get up to 6 or 7 minutes at the other network until they were spooked. they were like no, people will -- they're dumb! one of the competitors on this
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show, if you want to call them that, is jon stewart, i guess. i want to give you some idea. when we first came here, our very first show, i did a monologue 7 1/2 minutes. i remember the first 18 minute monologue and everybody freaked out. we now do 21 minute monologues to open the show. the first one was a thousand words. today, 2500 words. the first 21 minutes of the show. to give you perspective, jon stewart does six minutes. total time on air with guests, 22 minutes a night. our average without guests, all monologue, 42 minutes. jon stewart, here's jon stewart at the grammys or emmys or whatever they give for television. i don't know because i'll never win one, but here he is with his writers. he's got 15 writers for this
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segment. i believe he's had as many as 40 writers. he uses these writers for six minutes of television and a total of 22 minutes a night. whoa. i want to bring in my writers, bring them all in because we have never seen them. can you bring them? bring them in. oh, here they are. dan and pat. hi, dan. hi, pat. see. its easy to speak from the heart. its easy to do things when you actually believe them. we've done it with a remarkably small and dedicated staff and remarkably large and dedicated audience and we thank you for that.
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>> glenn: my whole world has changed because of the time we spend together every day at 5:00, this is the last program. i want to show you little things that because we've met, things change.
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holding money. if i -- i wouldn't have said this two and a half years ago. i look at this one, ben franklin. abolitionists. willing to go looking crazy, go to his grave looking crazy because of it. grant. one of the most corrupt presidents in all of history. not modern history. and andrew jackson. why is he on our money? indian killer, manifest destiny. horrible man. hamilton, hamilton wanted the big banks, the monarchy and the writer of most of the federalist papers. lincoln. you know that -- i always thought lincoln freed the slaves, and he did. you know who he credited for freeing the slaves? this is going to get me in trouble with everybody but michele bachmann. the founders, that's who he said
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freed the slaves and this guy, he's almost a cartoon to me until the last two years. i did not tell a lie. let's eat some cherry pie. the indispensable man and my hero. man, it's been a wild ride. so many things have been said. i'm -- i don't know if you know, i'm the first antisemitic jew lover. i don't know how that's possible but it is. i'm the only host simultaneously the most dangerous person in america because my influence and the least influential person in america because my ratings are declining. which i don't know how that works. that one's not true, either. this program broke every single record in the 5:00 p.m. time slot, every single record. it's the highest rated show in the history of cable news at
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this hour. we're always, always in the top five. and we are competing with the prime time time slots and we only have 40% of the households even watching tv that are watching after 8:00 p.m. i read a story today in the paper. they wanted to know the real reason why i'm leaving. i don't know. i'll give it to you here in a second. the press is going to look stupid. anyone watching this show knows -- anybody watching this show also knows i've bent this format so far out of its structure and parameters. this is a new channel. i do commentary but i do more than that. i have a desire to do more than just commentary and we have. this program launched the 9/12
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movement. i asked you last year, will you come to washington, d.c. and don't bring a sign. and help me restore honor. hundreds of thousands of people showed up. i didn't even tell you what we were going to do. you just knew it. you believed in something. bigger than me, bigger than you, bigger than all of us, and you came. let me tell you something, doing things like would make the bravest of all networks wet their pants. i can't imagine and this one stood by me. i didn't tell them what i was doing. i think they were probably pretty nervous. i told you at the beginning of this year that we were going to roll up our sleeves. i was going to roll up mine and get to work. i'm tired of waiting around. this summer is the beginning of that for me. i'm going to israel in search of courage. what makes people live in
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israel? because it's a ticking time bomb and they know it. where do they get that courage? how can i get that courage? what has made people stand up in the face of evil as they have in the past, i believe great evil is here. what makes them that way? i don't know. i begin my search tonight after this broadcast. i'm no smarter than you. i may be able to figure out some things faster but you're way ahead of me on other things. we're not that different. i bet that we look at the current crop of candidates and you're as tired as i am of waiting for george washington or ronald reagan or anybody. i told you at the beginning of the year, i'm tired waiting for somebody to leave. this show has become a movement. it's not a tv show.
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that's why it doesn't belong on television anymore. it belongs in your home. it belongs in your neighborhoods. not really television. one other first before we move on and this is the first -- i'm most proud of. i started this program with a handshake with roger ales and ended it with a handshake an hour ago, well, cake too. there are people that say i was fired on this program. let's give them the benefit of the doubt. here's your first. look carefully at your screen. this is a national broadcast. i'm a wild, crazy man. look at the screen. you notice that it says live at the corner? i believe this is the first time that anyone has decided to leave a network or certainly one
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that's been fired that had the word live in the corner of the last 42-minute live ad libbed monologue. i hope i have earned some level of your trust. and at the same time, i want to thank roger ails, rupert murdoch and everybody at the network for their trust. back here at 6:00
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6789 >> glenn: how nice of you, thank you very much and patti ann came to the studio yesterday and she was so kind. she has always been kind to me and bill o'reilly, unbelievable gentleman. he is -- he's been great. i've always told you this is a show, as we break the set down here and restoring it to the way it was, which is weird, we're not transforming it. we're restoring it. i told you this show was a show. it is. we believe in something but we do a show. we have to get the eyeballs.
2:35 am
that's -- do you remember the show with the bunny in the chainsaw? i admit many times i only do things like this to hack the left off. i will admit that. but we in the time we've been together tried to give you the tools. now is the time for action. i'm not your leader. and you know that. america's made of individuals. when individuals are strong, when the entrepreneur is strong, then we heal ourselves. that's the secret. it's you and me and people who disagree with us politically that made this country great. and it's the same with the show. it's not just me, it's you and it's the crew. this crew, i didn't know this, i didn't know this happened on television. sometimes i was -- i'm the dumbest guy.
2:36 am
stop hiding oscar. this crew taught me something and so did the crew i worked at the other network. it's really bad at some networks. the crew is just dead inside at the big networks. it's because nobody ever asked them their opinion. did i -- who did i say, jack -- harry, you heard it. i said what did you guys think of that? one of these guys said, you talking to me? i said yeah. it's insane. you would think you come here every night, and you think i have answers or i have creative ideas but sometimes it comes from these guys. there was a time when i was going to get rid of the chalkboards and i said i don't know, maybe we need something high-tech or something -- and it was oscar that said no. i was like okay that's not good. i think oscar said something
2:37 am
like, your signature -- you are mr. chalkboard. all dusty? that's my significant. it was oscar you can thank for that. you were the one who said also we should talk to the black community, black conservatives and find out what they were saying. it was his idea. we didn't do just one show, we did two. we followed up with it. it was an amazing, amazing show. jack, jack was a guy who said, you should have a juggler on. do you remember why we had the juggler on? >> yeah. he gave him [ inaudible ] >> glenn: he was juggling the balls of inflation and everything else. his idea. i remember it was jack and oscar, it was jack, mainly, that
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came up to me after the founding fathers that were african-american and he was angry. why didn't we know this? why? there was one time that i was talking to a guest, david horowitz, about racial profiling by law enforcement and jack said that's wrong. we went into a break. is he micked? no, can't hear him. he said -- sorry about that. but he said, you got to go back and ask him something and i said i don't know, you ask him. and he looked at me and said what? i said you ask him. watch, here's jack. we went into the break, jack and oscar and jack is a sound guy, oscar runs camera 3. they both said he doesn't know what the hell he's evening talking about. first of all, jack, you tell me. i couldn't does he have it wrong. >> the simple reason i borrowed
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my friend's truck. i was pulled over because a brake light. i said give me the ticket and i'll take care of it. >> harry, who is behind camera 2, you can barely see harry. this guy is -- he knows more about the middle east than i do and he's traveled all over the world. he asked me during a break, why deflation was a bad thing. as i explained it, i realized that would make a good segment. we changed the next segment of the show. he'd bring in examples of propaganda in books. did they make a difference? i think so. and that is the key. it's not one person dictating down. when you work as a team, when you hire good people, we all have the ability to make the difference. we may not all stand in this light, but if it wasn't for the people behind me, never in the
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light, well, when, we wouldn't -- we wouldn't have a good show. we went on the air with this show, and it was -- over here? here. this is what i said. only the third time i've done live television. the day before president obama's inauguration. this show is linked to this iconic event. we end you now 29 months later with the firm reliance on the individual, not the pomp and circumstance. none of that. somebody said to me a while back, the best negotiating advice ever have ever gotten, never negotiate. make promise, never threaten, make promises. know what you believe and state it. i have to tell, when i was saying i was going to leave, a lot of people thought he was
2:41 am
negotiating. i think my agent thought he was negotiating. no, that's it. done. you state -- you make promises to people. my promise to you was my promise to you that i would stay until the changing of the seasons. any members of the press that want to know what really happened, i invite you to go to the transcripts of this program. no one in the audience is surprised i'm leaving. go to glen glenn and find out what's ahead but i left bread crumbs everywhere. i knew what the media would say and wanted to make sure no one questioned it. do we have the videotape from south dakota? nope. someplace in a vault. i said about a year ago, maybe a little longer than a year ago, i was in south dakota and tried to
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say it because nobody from the mainstream press was there and joe said to me, glenn, do you know what you said? i said yes, i do. yes, i do. what i said on stage was, i don't know what the next few months brings to me. i will tell you this, that i -- i don't think it's going to be television. i said it for a reason because i knew exactly what the press would say. also on september 30th i said this on this program: i talked to a trusted friend about six months ago and he gave me sage advice. he said, where would you run to? i said, i don't know. he said, to everything there is a season. continue. continue for a season because you don't ever run from something, you run to something.
2:43 am
but i sent sense metaphorically that the leaves are changing, the season are changing, i don't know if we're headed into winter or i hope into spring. that conversation came with a trusted advisory because i said i'm not supposed to be here. there's something else i'm supposed to do and he said you can't define it. i said i'm this close. he said wait a season, you will know. i say this now because i want you to know, i want the record to be clear, i also want you to know which media organizations you can trust and which one you can't. i also want to make this promise, that they will not hear again -- because they didn't hear the major of 8/28 and won't hear this message now but for those members of the media celebrating, i waited for a
2:44 am
season. i know exactly where i'm going and you will pray for the time when i was only on the air for one hour every day. back in a second.
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>> glenn: i want to leave you with a couple of messages to be the.
2:47 am
believe in yourself. on the final show at fox we showed you the spin, the speculation on why i'm leaving and where i'm going. find out at i'm leaving this week, i'm giving up on admiring the problem. i've given up on the problem. i'm focused on the solution. they're making their plans. what are you doing? i'm a dad too. i am not going to wait around and wait for anybody in the media. nothing's going to change unless you and i roll up our sleeves and become part of the solution. part of that is don't ever allow anyone else, even me, anybody, anyone, to tell you what the truth is. don't allow that. don't take it as gospel because it's not gospel. you have to find out for
2:48 am
yourself what is true. i didn't run away from something. i'm running to something. i know exactly where i'm supposed to be. i was told recently will nobodyr leaves this business. this guy did. he did. jack parr started the "tonight show." he did. i don't know wry why, he might have been crazy but, then again ... about four months ago i had made the decision exactly what i was going to do but it was a hard -- it was hard. this is sweet. there's never a bigger platform than the "fox news channel." never a smarter guy to work with than roger ailes. never. i live in an apartment in new york city. i went apartment hunting with my daughter in new york. they're closets.
2:49 am
and usually rat-infested closets. i live in a nice apartment here in new york and it was surreal because i went home that night after seeing spider man and bono was there and sitting with my wife at spider man and i understand i'm no different than you. i've never been the cool kid, ever. ever. it was cool to be the cool kid for about two minutes. and get a text on my phone and i just laugh. i show it to my wife. we're watching the show and she laughs. it says, bono's backstage. would you like to meet him. i looked add her and went, this is ridiculous. this is ridiculous. so we went backstage and afterwards, we went home and we were standing in our apartment, and i had just a second where i'm like, well, now, wait a
2:50 am
minute, how do you leave all this? at this point i was overlooking the skyline of new york. again, i'm a guy who, you know, i grew up in a small town in washington, son of a baker. in my high school yearbook i wrote new york city and rockefeller plaza. here i am in new york. bono, we're hanging out. yeah, right. i said to my wife, how could we possibly -- how would we leave all of this? how could we do it? i'm at the pinnacle. nowhere else to go from here? how could this be divinely inspired. we have access, we're throwing a huge platform away. then i got the message of my life. i'll share that with you next. woman: what does it feel like when a woman is having a heart attack? chest pain, like there's a ton of weight on your chest. severe shortness of breath.
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unexplained nausea. cold sweats. there's an unusual tiredness and fatigue. there's unfamiliar dizziness or light-headedness. unusual pain in your back, neck, jaw, one or both arms, even your upper stomach, are signs you're having a heart attack. don't make excuses. make the call to 9-1-1 immediately. learn more at
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>> glenn: i just said to the staff, this is when it gets hard not to steal a momento from the set. we have so many great things. honor. that stinks on ice. so i was telling awe story. pinnacle of your career and i'm looking over the skyline, bono,
2:54 am
not on the phone but i pretend he is. and i'm overwhelmed with a feeling. i'm standing in the living room by myself. my wife went to bed, okay, freak boy. i'm looking at the city and overwhelmed with the feeling, if you don't leave now, you will not leave with your soul. as a guy who traded my soul before, i will not trade it again. never want anything too much. never. it will destroy you. it all comes down to this. i learned the hard way who i was. we as a country now have a chance to learn who we are, what we're capable of, what we truly believe before forced to learn the hard way. now is the time to be part of the solution. now is the time to stand up. now's the time to explore before
2:55 am
it gets bad. now is the time to prepare so you can be help for others. that's where i'm headed. being part of the solution and i want you to join me. tonight, i'm going to announce another big piece of what i'm doing called mercury 1. i am determined to my last breath to fix this country one person, one family, one child, one entrepreneur, one town at a time. we will preserve man's freedom one state, one country, one planet at a time. look for that announcement in the next hour, go now to, my final thought next.
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>> glenn: i just said to the guys, this was on my set. i bought this at any other network. in the end you only walk out with what you came with. not in the end end. anyway, i'm going to leave you with something that i -- i think is another first maybe, maybe it's not. first of all, sharky, can you bring the blinds up?
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we'll leave it the way we found it. it is not the person that is leaving the parade. it is not the person on the stage that gets all the credit. it is all the people behind them. it's all the people that have made this possible. from the very beginning. they don't usually run credits. we wrote them on chalkboard. i thought that was appropriate. from new york ... good night, america.

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